Desserts… wow!!!

Get ready to start having sweet dreams.

Pudim / Brazilian Flan

Aerated and caramelised this traditional Brazilian sweet is one of Brazil’s favourite.



Pudim de Café / Coffee Flan

Mum’s recipe for coffee lovers.

A great selection of delicious mousses for you to choose from.

Musse de Chocolate / Chocolate Mousse

Light and creamy… it’s just a perfect dessert!

Musse de Limão / Lime Mousse

It’s a great way to have a dessert that is not too sweet and have just the perfect bitter kick from the lime.

Musse de Limao

Musse de Caramelo / Caramel Mousse

Known in Brazil as Baba de Moça. Great on it’s own, even better with Almonds!


Musse de Maracujá / Passion Fruit Mousse

Well known and loved version for most Brazilians. This mousse is the taste of Brazil. It’s core ingredient is imported from Brazil, hence subjected to availability.

Musse de Maracuja


All mousses also available in individual portions,

Caramel mousse canape

or even better in a chocolate cup.