Frozen or fresh made to order, these can either be a easy lunch or dinner solution, or a delightful treat for a party.

Lasanha / Lasagna

A Taste of Brazil version of a classic Italian. Available in mince, chicken or vegetables.

 Feijão Preto ou Carioquinha / Black or Pinto Beans

We couldn’t ignore the everyday food, the most eaten dish among Brazilians is white rice and beans. This is the base to our famous Feijoada (black beans and various pork cuts) which is also available here.

Panquecas / Pancake

A typical Brazilian version of an international dish. Traditionally made with mince, you can also have it with chicken or vegetarian.


Empadão / Short Pastry Pie

Yum! Pastry that crumbles and melts in your mouth.  With chicken, shrimp or vegetables filling, this is a truly delicious dish!

Torta Fria / Wet Sandwich

Gorgeous layers of chicken, tuna & beetroot, or anything you wish, with soaked white or brown bread, give this dish a complete  new taste to traditional sandwiches. (only available fresh)

Pizza de Sardinha / Sardine Pizza

Also available with tuna. If you are a fish lover you will fall for it! (only available fresh)