Give a try today to our delicious Brazilian savory bites!

Great for parties or gatherings, be sure to please your guests with these tasty bites that will have you all saying “I want more!”

(available ready or frozen)


Another mum’s recipe developed to perfection. Light, thin and flavorful; how better could it be?

Short Pastry Pie

Finger bite version of the delicious pastry pie that crumbles and melts in your mouth.


This finger bite has the Brazilian signature for authenticity. Crusty skin, soft and light inside it dissolves  leaving your mouth full of flavors.



* Meet

If you love meet, you can’t miss this one. Tasty and creamy although crunchy outside.

* Potatoes

Vegetarian version of the above traditional bite.

Mini Pizza

Just a perfect finger food for Pizza lovers. Delicious base with a variety of toppings.

Wholegrain option available.

Cheese Bread

Check all option of this Brazilian icon here.